The Sons of Soloman

Thousands of years ago King Soloman fought an epic terrible war against an evil foe so great that humanity was nearly extinguished. Only with great sacrifice was the enemy, collectivly known as “The Beast”, defeated.

When the war ended, King Soloman ordered the collection and destruction of many magical texts and treatises. Some of these were preserved, stored in the legendary King Soloman’s Mine. He also banned the practice of magic and disbanded many magical societies and covens for such fools were frequently tricked into conjuring great demons of immense power. But as King Soloman grew old and death approached, he knew others would have to carry on in his stead. He established the Sons of Soloman to maintain an eternal vigil over these dark secrets.

The Sons act in the intrests of humanity, watching for signs of the Beast, especially in times of war. The Sons are diverse group, and at times have even worked at cross-purposes to each other. The descendents of the Sons of Soloman (both men and women, despite the name) are scattered around the world, their secrets passed on from generation to generation. Over the millennia, many bloodlines of the Sons have died out but enough remain to carry on their age-old duty.

Using their power and knowledge, the Sons have infiltrated the ranks of the powerful throughout the world. Only rarely have Sons been national leaders themselves, preferring instead to take influential positions in government and industry. Though the Sons are on the side of humanity, they ruthlessly pursue their goal, weighing the lives of the few against the many that would be lost if evil were to reign supreme. They are pragmatists and are not above assassination, blackmail or extortion if it means protecting the public from the dark truth.

In the mid-20th century only a handful of Sons of Solomon remain. Operating independently of each other at the turn of the century, World War One brought a few of them together. Though the victorious nations of World War One declared it “the War to End All Wars” and took steps to prevent another such conflict, the Sons of Solomon remained vigilant. The Greatest of these veterains remained in contact after the Great War should the storm break once again.

The Sons of Soloman

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