Thule Gelsellschaft

19e list Society, established by Guido Von List in the early 1900’s, adapted Madame Blavatsky’s teachings for a German audience. The list Society belived in a “scientific” rationale for racism and nationalism. These beliefs fuled the ideas of Baron Rudolf Von Sebottendorf, founder of the Thule Gesellschaft, or the Thule Society, in 1916. The Thule Society held a number of core beliefs:

  • The Thule were ancestors of the “German Race”
  • The Ancients could endow the initiated with supernatural strength and energy.
  • With the help of the Ancients, a race of supermen of pure Aryan stock could be created and eliminate all other races.
  • In order to bring these theories to the masses and unify Germany, in 1919 Sebottendorf formed the National Socialist German Workers Party, the Nazi Party.

Predisposed to radical nationalism and theories of German racial supremacy, Adolf Hitler was sent to spy on the NSDAP. He instead ended up becoming a member, and by 1920, was the leader. As Hitler and the Nazi Party grew in popularity, so too did the depth of his intrest in the occult. In the years between Hitlers failed coup, the 1923 “Beer Hall Putch”, and his appointment as German Chancelloe in 1933, Hitler and his accultist friends and acquaintances firmed up their beliefs and theories.

They adopted the swastika as their symbol, reversing the direction of the spinning arms and setting it at an angle, to create the striking device so well known today. They sought confirmation of the German people’s connection to the Thule, delving deep into forgottern and forbidden lore. In their research they uncovered more clues pointing towards magic rituals that promiced unbelivible power to those willing to make required sacrifices. The actual texts and devices needed to realize these powers were lost to history, but for Hitler, where there was a will, there was a way.

The Thule Society disbanded in the early 20’s, but its theories and belifs deeply influenced Hitler. Its legacy also lives on in the organisation and rituals of Heinrich Himmler’s SS.

Thule Gelsellschaft

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