Captain Hicks

Mean little bugger, that takes no crap from anyone -even senior officers!-


Hicks always wanted two things in live, To be a Hero, and win the V.C.

Hicks grew-up in the long family line of soliders, All winning Medals, but one, His great uncle ‘hooke’, we was a hero and won the V.C. at rorke’s drift and thats all Hicks wanted from a child.

He joined the army, the same as his dad (Major General before retirering) at 17 in 1925, and qickly reached the rank of major. but when the Spanish civil war started, he senced Medals and becoming a hero instead of sitting behind a desk playing wargames, so he resigned his commission and joined the revolusion. Sadly for Hicks the war didn’t go to plan and after his surrender and imprisionment he returned home. when War with Germany was declaired he re-signed with the army, but was only givin the rank of Captain.

Hicks still seeks Glory, Medals but most of all The V.C. Many of his troops hate him for the dangerous missions he undertakes and risks and casualties taken, but that doesn’t bother Hicks, he just wants the glory

Captain Hicks

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