Reg 'ladies man' Thomkins

Strong arm trooper who has a problem with being ordered around, and keeping away from the Ladies


Born and raised in a small town in southern America ‘Reg’ lived a hard life, working many hours on his familys farm to make end meet, it wasnt untill he became a man that his wild side was to show its face, always will and getting into trouble with the law for fighting and Fraternizing with the woman of the town (infact any woman) as ‘Reg’ was a strong, well toned man and wasn’t afraid to show it off if it helped him into any womans bed, If that wasnt bad enough ‘Reg’ is a Negro!

‘Reg’ Joined the army when war was declaired, but that still didn’t stop him getting into trouble with the woman or the fighting with ‘White(s)’. he was meant to be shipped with his unit to fight in the Pacific, but was ‘Accidently’ left in the stockaid when his unit was shipped out, so He was sent with another unit to fight in Europe, where sadly for him he found Horny british and French women.

Reg 'ladies man' Thomkins

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