The Clouds Darken

Events in Europe in the 20’s and 30’s validated the Sons’ watchfulness. With growing trepidation, the Sons observed Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in Germany and were alarmed at his intrest and rapic accumulation of occult knowledge. Agents working unkowingly for the Sons alerted them to Hitler’s intrests in the occult and his archeology projects.

Still relitivly uncoordinated, and caught slightly off guard, the Son’s attempts to stop Hitler and the SS occultists were foiled. One of the Sons who had infiltrated the Nazi ranks was among the victims of Hitlers purge of the SA during the “Night of Long Knives.” Then came news that Hitler had gained possession of the Thulian manuscript, The Import of the Elder Futhark. An attempt to steal the manuscript from its heavily guarded vault in Berlin also failed. Then the Sons got wind of rumors concerning Nazi expiditions and discoveries in Antarctica.

In Russia, Stalin consolodated his power in the 30’s as well. During the Great Purges between 1937 and 1938, millions were executed or sent to gulags. Anyone thought capable of leading a coup or opposition movement fell victim to Stalin’s Paranoia. The Sons of Solomon lose all contact with their bretherin in Russia, only to later learn that one of their number survived and spilled the secrets of the Sons to Stalin under terrible torture.

In Asia, Japanese expansion into China also came under observation by the Sons of Solomon. The tyrnats of Europe seemed farthest ahead on the knowlage and use of arcane knowlage, but the great pain and suffering inflicted on the Chinese by the Imperial Japanese Army was also cause for great concern. In perticular, the Japanese “rape” of the city of Nanking in 1937 spiked supernatural energies in the region to epic proportions.

All of these events suggested a great upsurge in dark energy around the world, and many signs pointed to the return of the Beast. The Sons of Solomon began reorganizing and preparing to fight the darkness once again.

The Clouds Darken

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